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Pacific Chemicals is a Dust Control and Road Stabilization Company serving you throughout B.C., Alberta, and Saskatchewan. With over 30 years experience in the industry, our 100% Canadian-owned company exclusively distributes D.L. 10 to our customers. Our specialized equipment, excellent product, and professional application experts guarantee our customers great service and a quality job.

Environmental Control

Pacific Chemicals guarantees our product meets all specifications set out by Canadian Environmental Ministries and the E.P.A in the U.S.A.

Our Professional Application Process

In Pacific Chemicals' commitment to professional service, we employ only professionally trained applicators, with over 30 years experience in the industry. Our transportation services include up to 4,000-gallon distributor trucks to B-train and Super A train loads. Due to the heavy demand for application services in the spring and early summer we encourage booking a slot for your dust control needs as early as possible.



"After trying all other dust suppressant products, we have found Pacific Chemicals' product is by far the best for our roads."

"We are looking forward to working with you guys again this year. We appreciate your honesty about the best applications for your product."

"You have the best dust control product for our worksite. It always lasts us the whole season."

"We like working with you guys. You always work with us to figure out the best time to apply the product."

"We appreciate you guys keeping in touch with us for scheduling purposes."

"I want to tell you that I am so happy to work with you guys. I appreciate how easy you guys are to work with."

"We appreciate your driver keeping in touch with us and re-scheduling due to weather when necessary, much appreciated!"

Our Product Information

Specifically formulated dust control suppressant containing very high concentrations of asphaltenes for longer lasting, affordable, environmentally safe road stabilization and dust control.

D.L. 10 formula includes a blend of organic resins, lignin sugars, and asphalt dropulets that will create a black binding agent for dust particles to adhere to. This dust suppressant uses its liquid properties to penetrate the soil/road. After the asphalt emulsion has set and the water has evaporated, a high percentage of asphalt residual of the dust suppressant will be left in the first inch of the surface.

This product is designed specifically for areas that require a "quick set" material and is non-corrosive. Unlike most competing products (most commonly Calcium Chloride) D.L. 10 is a non-corrosive material. It is safe for any large machinery and vehicle traffic and will not rust or corrode any type of metals or plastics.

This industrial grade road dust control product will generally set up in 8-10 hours, providing a hard compact, dust free surface. After D.L. 10 sets it will not move or leach. This means that even with heavy traffic it will not loosen or unbind from its original surface. Also, with heavy rain this means that the product will not mix with the rain water and leach into surrounding soils or water systems. This makes the D.L. 10 dust suppressant the most powerful, longest lasting and safest road suppressant product on the market.

D.L. 10 has many uses for stabilization and other applications:

  1. 1. Dust suppressant for worksite safety and environmental regulations
  2. 2. Reduces need for grading and road maintanance
  3. 3. Non-corrosive, safe for all metals and plastics
  4. 4. Non-leaching, designed to penetrate into road surface
  5. 5. Eliminating public complaint about dust
  6. 6. Stabilizing heli-pads and runways
  7. 7. Binding road shoulders and lanes
  8. 8. Protect against wind erosion
  9. 9. Reduces need for material replacement due to dust displacement

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